Betting Strategies – How to Find the Most Successful Betting Strategy?

Betting fascinates many people globally as a leisure activity and also for the anticipated benefits to the participant. The ultimate motivation behind betting is simply winning that coveted extra cash. Betting can change your financial status in a moment either positively or negatively. ‘Betting strategy’ and ‘betting system’ are common words in the gambling business and at times they are used interchangeably. However, we can draw a slight difference between the two terms. The betting system is the established procedure of performing gambling as developed by the service provider while betting strategy is the application of self-discretion in manoeuvring through the betting process to make money rather than lose. While the betting system is predetermined, the betting strategy is subjective and flexible. Betting strategy depends on your intelligence as a player, and it is developed over time through experiences by consistent participation. Just like any other game, practice perfects skills, and the attained prowess is quite beneficial. There are various identified betting strategies but how you exercise the plan makes the difference. The plans act as guidelines on how to manipulate the betting system to get the victory. This article discusses the betting strategies that may help you if you are a newbie in the betting world or want to learn more.

What Are the Main Sports Betting Strategies?

Is betting just about luck?  We think not, there is surely an element of luck out there at times but most punters like to adhere to a strategy or strategies when placing their bets, here are the most of note.

Hedge Betting

In hedge betting, you bet on results that are contrary to the initial wager. For instance, you first bet on your favourite soccer team to win a match and then later bet on the opposing team that you disregarded. Hedge betting is an alternative that mitigates the possible loss in case your team disappoints you. You take a small loss that is guaranteed to prevent the chances of a bigger loss. Therefore the risk is minimal, and you stand to gain whether your darling team wins or losses. Apart from reducing risks, hedge betting assures profits. Let’s take an example whereby you place a £200 wager on the Germany football team to clinch the FIFA World Cup at odds of 12.00. Germany makes it to the finals where they will face off with Argentina. Therefore if Germany wins you will earn £2400 and if Argentina prevails you lose £200. Perhaps you place a hedge bet of £1000 for Argentina to win. If they do so, you have a return of £1500, a profit of £300. In a nutshell, hedge betting insures your initial bet where there are uncertainties in sports.

Spread Betting

Spread betting is a speculation on the market prices of certain assets such as currency, shares or stock; without owning the assets. You need to study the financial market over time and note the common pattern and discrepancies to reduce the risk on your bet. In spread betting, you only predict whether the price of the choice commodity will appreciate or depreciate and consequently the degree to which either of the phenomena is actualised determines your profit or loss margin. There are no fixed odds. A bet on price increase is referred to as ‘going long’ while the one on decreasing price is known as ‘going short/ shorting’. For example, Samsung shares trading at a selling price of £135.05 and a buy price of 135.20, and you go long on buying Samsung shares for £10 for each point of the movement. Fortunately, in two days, Samsung shares move in the direction of your bet to 135.50/135.65. The outcome is a whopping profit of £300, daily funding charges not included. That is (13550-13520) × 10. Spread betting is preferable because of its merits:
  • It is tax-free; you have the option to either go long or short; and then the market to bet on is round-the-clock

Arbitrage Betting

Arbitrage betting entails placing simultaneous bets on all possible results of a sports event at odds that generate profit. ‘Arbing’ is the short form for arbitrage betting. Arbers place multiple bets all of which guarantee a profit regardless of the results. If the bookmakers make a mistake on pricing a market or disagree on odds, it is a perfect opportunity for the bettors to reap big. In a tennis match, for instance, two outcomes are possible: a win or a loss for the side you support. However, you still have an option of matched betting where you can reduce the loss by placing opposing bets on the contrary outcomes. Discrepancies between bookie’s need to have a balanced book and the online bookmakers give an opportunity to the bettors. The difference is expressed regarding odds that may end up favouring you as a participant. Arbitrage betting has a simple system, and there are numerous opportunities online any time especially to vote for soccer teams that you are not necessarily a fan of, or you have little details about. Currently, arbing is readily accessible due to the arbitrage betting software that has been developed and helps to work out the betting values.

Handicap Betting

Handicap betting is common in football matches where you begin by giving one team a virtual deficit to recover (handicap); then you bet on the prospective winner of the game with the handicap accounted for. When you bet a handicap of -2 goal, you mean that the team must win by more than two goals to overcome the disadvantage, and then you win the bet. If the team wins by exactly two goals, your bet is a draw, and your money is refunded. Handicap betting is categorised further. Level handicap is where both teams begin with 0 scores, and the player predicts which team will score more goals. Single handicap considers the difference in ability between the two teams and then you give your superior team a goal handicap. Lastly, split handicap allows you to offer disadvantages for both teams. Take the example of a soccer match between Chelsea vs. Arsenal which ends in 3-1. Assume the handicap betting was: Arsenal (-1) 2/1; Handicap tie (-1) 9/4 and Chelsea (+1). Proponents of Arsenal, in this case, wins because Arsenal’s score after the handicap application is greater than that of Chelsea: 3-1=2 compared to Chelsea score of 1 after adding accounting for the handicap.

Small odds, large bets Strategy – backing the favourites

The major snare in sports betting today is tremendous odds which seem to bring lump sum cash upon winning. The significant odds are not bad if you manage to carry the day. However, they are characterised by greater risk following high probability to fail than to work. To the victim the feeling for losing considerable amounts is devastating. Instead, small odds do exploit with maximised betting base. All you need is some basic discernment and then try your luck without putting much of your cash at stake. Many bets at small odds may shock you with attractive returns and if you lose the loss is small and manageable. Backing the favourite teams gives some relief and immunity but also can frustrate you sometimes. Disappointment has been real in big matches like the Fifa World cup and the English Premier League. Small odds with a diversity of bets have a way of surprising you with a big win. For instance, you may make twelve bets of small odds and match the winning teams accurately to win big. Try small odds, large bets!

Long odds, small bets Strategy – backing the underdogs

Backing the underdogs may amaze you at times. The despised teams have a way of embarrassing the alleged championship in the main games. This is perhaps due to their absolute commitment to learning the strategy of their big opponents and determination to beat odds. In such cases, if you embraced such a rare though you can be set on high. The long odds are applicable in such a contest. Long odds are attached to exceptional outcomes but winning means pocketing the real money. Nevertheless, bearing in mind the uncertainties of any game, you should place small bets to safeguard your gaming capital. Never rule out the potential of an aggressive underdog team to break records and raise the ladder of prestige in a shocking state of affairs. It is of the essence to assess the possibility of the anticipated, unexpected outcome such as loopholes in the celebrity team that have weakened it and many fans cannot notice. Once in a while go long odds, small bets!

Accumulator Betting – ‘Dead Certs’ and Coupon Busters

An accumulator is a logical and feasible trend of your betting system. As you bet, you can identify the tendency of outcomes of the gaming platform. You may recognise a pattern developed by the chosen teams and the results of beats. The bettor establishes the chances of winning and the vulnerable bets. The participant selects the team or player to back by thorough criteria such as supporting the favourite, backing the underdog or standing by the team enjoying a home advantage hence changing the outcome. A critical analysis of the individual team to back is vital to dispel any fears of unexpected happening. ‘Dead Certs’ implies certainty to win therefore you will bet in favour of the team that has an unbeatable record of bagging the trophy. For instance, the EPL heroes would give you a reason to bet long odds for them at the original games of the contest for the prize where the opponents are obviously a walk over to these giants. ‘Coupon Busters’ refer to losing bets that thwart many accumulators. As a witty bettor you will capitalise on the dead certs and shun the negative impact of the coupon busters.

Lay Betting Strategy

This is an entirely different reverse betting whereby the punter bets on a particular outcome. Rather than backing the results, you nullify the possibility of such in advance. Since you bet against a particular outcome, lay betting requires a stake that is higher than if you were betting for the occurrence of the same results. You should also include the liability of the bet in your stake. The forces of fate seem to dominate in most events and therefore lay betting is a promising venture with a high likelihood of happening- it is most likely that what the regular exchange betting anticipates will not happen and therefore contrary prediction is sure. This is one betting platform that most bookmarkers scarcely offer due to its competitiveness and the huge stake on the bookies. Lay betting on horse racing, golf and football sports can be an easy way to win huge sums of money in a consistent trend. Still, don’t overlook the strange outcomes that you hardly expect as a risk factor in any game.

Back-to-Lay Betting Strategy

Back-to-Lay Betting Strategy involves backing a selected team or player to win at a high cost at first, and then later lay betting on the right selection. This could be inspired by the perceived market trends or the progress of the game to guarantee a profit or minimise overall loss. Back-to-Lay is mainly the norm for the bookmakers, and they will rarely offer the punters this chance because it will drastically invade into their profits. If you come across an opportunity for Back-to-Lay Betting utilise it maximumly and secure your stake in the case, you sense some dynamics that threaten your previous expectations. Back-to-Lay is offered by Betfair Sports, and you can bet it for a quite unpredictable football match. Commencing with a draw in a tight match where you expect scoring to be low. In the course of the game, you place a lower lay bet after making observing the progress.


Martingale strategy originates the game of tossing coins and winning if it comes up head, in the 18th century. Martingale is popular in casino gaming particularly roulette where you can hit the black or red ball at 50% probability. The golden rule for martingale betting system is doubling your stake every time every time you lose as a wager. The significance of doubling your bet is to recover the previous losses and win profit that equals the original bet. If you win you make a similar bet for the next hand. In martingale, you win most sessions, but the gains are small. On the other hand, the losses are great- of course, the bookmaker ought to make profits too. The more you lose in a martingale, the more you become broke and incapable of betting. For example, you bet £10 and win then you bet £10 again and lose. So you bet £20 and lose. Next, you bet £40; not giving up after losing, you then bet £80 and win. You end up with a net win of £20, that is your original bet and the only win before your losing streak. Martingale is better played for a short while. The longer you play, the more you extend your losing streak.

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What Is the Best Sports Betting Strategy and Why?

The best sports betting strategy is hedge betting. Hedge betting gives you the either-way advantage of betting on the winning team. You place several wagers on varying outcomes of the sports event. The subsequent wagers are prompted by the changing status of the game that would otherwise lead to a significant loss if not countered. Why should you adopt hedge as an appealing alternative? First, it is an antidote to the impending danger of a massive loss on the initial wager. Next, is the change of the circumstances, such as the football striker of choice team getting an injury, affecting your opinion on the chances of your selected team winning hence you hedge bet to be on the safe side. Another merit to consider for hedge betting is the guaranteed profit. Your only worry should be how much will I gain? Not what if I lose as in other betting strategies. Hedge betting applies to a variety of sporting activities you can choose from based on your taste. Check with your nearest bookmaker for the nearest available offers and join thousands of other punters! The choices include soccer, boxing, tennis, basketball, rugby, horse racing and casino games such as Buccaneers. The odds are worth your time and money. More so you do not have to be a fan of a specific game to participate in betting on the same thought prior experience is significant to a bettor. With tactful personal discretion, you will earn well by applying hedge betting for whatever sports you bet on. New attractive products are out all along, and all that you need to do is to take action. It is also important to bet within your financial limits not to wallow in the mire of unpaid bills after parting with your necessary amount. Punters are advised to do a personal assessment of the pros and cons of the wide range of strategies before going for one. There is no perfect plan neither is there a worst one. It depends on the kind of sports where one approach may work excellently in one case and fail terribly in another. Moreover, the particular sports event has its uncertainties that may nullify its clear betting strategy. Desperate moments call for desperate actions and therefore as a punter you need to move with speed into adjusting your strategy to save your stake. Complacency and conservatism constitute a recipe for disaster in gaming. Situations have overturned the betting industry rendering a few poor gamblers billionaires overnight. A single step in betting defines the next course of action, and therefore whatever you feel it is not tenable, that should be within a particular well-evaluated context to avoid frustration.

Less sensible sports betting strategies

I tend to disregard the following sports betting strategies:
  • Martingale: This is one betting strategy that is a bit annoying and disgusting. The win is by a small margin, so you need to play more to earn a reasonable amount. The pattern of doubling up the bet continually is not encouraging to a punter, and a beginner may easily get enticed into putting the unacceptably huge amount on betting risking greater loss. The base determines the apex since the beginning of the losing streak is the start of enormous losses. Martingale works on a rather obvious principle of 50% probability which creates monotone making the game rigid rather than fun. As a punter, you not only want to place bets but also experience the entertainment part of gaming with your buddies. Therefore a gaming strategy with a powerful formula is preferable.
  • Back-to-Lay Betting Strategy: This gaming strategy is less sensitive because it entails double betting on the same selection which might be a bit absurd at times. A wise punter will avoid a situation whereby they bet and re-bet to defend the same stake. Though helpful in extreme cases Back-to-Lay Betting is redundant, and the subsequent lay bet does not guarantee a win either. The scenario may go haywire even after signs of change that prompt for the lay bet, rendering it null and void. In such a worse case the punter gets a big blow that may impair his quest for gaming.

Strategies for Specific Sports

Every sports activity has a strategy that is best suited for it following the experience with the gamblers though this is debatable. Consider the hints below on various games.


Football is the leading sports activity in the world today. Just as the live fans and spectators are many, punters are numerous placing their bets each day. Matches range from local tournaments to league championships up to the world cup. With the perceived popularity, the bookmakers have designed their betting systems to accommodate soccer in various strategies of betting. Unlimited betting strategies can work for soccer such as Handicap betting, arbitrage betting and lay betting. To sum up, these strategies which we discussed earlier, we will talk about Value Football Betting. This is an approach in which you as a bettor are driven by the value for your money to derive from a bookmaker by calculating the winning changes that the bookie has allocated the team. It takes a keen study of stats to identify the team that the bookmaker undervalued to capitalise on it for the highest profits. You can combine strategies or use them subsequently as it deems fit in the specific game. For bigger draws and jackpots you are expected to match more numbers to win big or entirely the full package. Big odds are risky but recommended for the terms that have a proven track record.


After soccer, tennis has the second popular betting sports across the world today. This is mainly because it involves two rivals and games are available on a daily basis to bet for. Tennis Over/ Under Total Number of Games’ Market is thriving currently in the UK and the US. In this tennis betting option, you bet on the total number of games to be played in a match. Below is an example of how to go about this. Over/Under 22.5 means you can either bet on the match ending with at least 23 games (Over 22.5) or at most 22 games (Under 22.5). Assume you are betting on a match between Serena and Angelique and the match ends 5-2, 3-7, & 5-3. The match ends in a total of 25 games. If your bet was over 22.5, that is a win; and if you bet under 22.5, you lose. The traditional bookmakers for tennis on Over/Under Total Number of Games’ Market are bwin and Paddy Power. The overall game’s strategy is feasible and reduces risk in contrast to other bet options focusing on individual players because even champions are challenged.

Rugby Union/League

A rugby punter should be at home with handicap betting because this is the strategy that works best here. The caution to take is to avoid big handicap lines since they can be detrimental when a team relaxes at the final stage of the game due to a foreseen win. Often the bettor knows well the ability of their favourite team. There are several choices on rugby bets. One is matching odds which are a bet on the winning team in the match. Half-time and full-time bet are bets on the winner in the first and second 40-minute rounds of the game. Winning margin is also an option which is to back the number of points a team will win by. Other options to try are the player or team to score the first try, half with most points, total points in a match, and overall winner of the tournament. As an informed bettor of rugby, you will not overlook the effects of weather. A shift from sunny condition to the chilly or rainy state will affect the whole game. So pay attention to the weather forecast. Also, some teams have a plan of making their way to the top in the second half. In the first half, they study and tire the rivals and then enter the second half high to give the opponent a knock-out.

Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey is common in Canada, USA and parts of Europe that experience heavy snowfall and ice cover. This is a game of participants who are hardened off. Most Americans prefer Money Line Hockey Bets for Ice Hockey. Money Line Betting is placing your stake for the team that you predict it will win the match. Other betting selections include goals per game, goals market and points market. The goals per game stat are common for the National Hockey League (NHL) which consists of very tough teams. In the goals market, bookies assign odds for a certain number of goals apart from handicaps and goal lines. Betting on the Points market means giving players points for either scoring or contributing to a goal. A player may score many goals and earn fewer points than one who scored fewer points.


Point betting strategy is the approach that is most compatible with cricket games. In point betting, a point spread is used as a median for the two teams to generate interests on both. The ‘chalk’- the favourite team is assigned a minus (-) value while the underdog is denoted by the plus (+) sign. The signs indicate a head start for the underdog and a deficit of the similar value to be recovered by the ‘chalk’ (the stronger team). Let us use the example below of Yorkshire vs. Worcestershire game as a reference: Worcestershire -5.5 (-107) Yorkshire +5.5 (-107) If Worcestershire wins the game 21-13, they win by 8 points and also cover the 5.5- point spread as the giant s of the duo. If by any chance the Worcestershire win 19-15, they win by three points but have not covered the 5.5 points. The Yorkshire wagers are considered because they are within the spread. So Worcestershire loses ATS (against the spread), besides winning the game SU (straight up). This is the analysis: Worcestershire 21, Yorkshire 13 + 5.5 = 18.5 (Worcestershire loss both SU and ATS) Worcestershire 19, Yorkshire 15 + 5.5 =20.5 (Worcestershire lose ATS but win ATS) -107 means that as a punter you must risk £107: 7% commission/tax for the sports book and 100% for you to win £100. So you should wager £ 107 to win £100. Thus you end up with £ 200 at the end of the game when Worcestershire wins. The commission is also known as ‘vig’ or ‘juice’, and it varies so that we there are numbers like £110 and £ 102 in the market.

Horse Racing

Lay betting is the best strategy for horse racing. This is because gaming involving animals cannot quite compare to sports involving human beings. At least there is no bias on the key participants that are the horses. Physiological factors may set in and act as barriers in the course of the game hence it’s unwise to hold onto a fixed outcome that may turn out to be irrelevant. The horse may feel intimidated by the rest and the multitude of observers. The jockey’s level of preparedness and training of his or horses are the major intervening factors in horse-racing. With these factors being constant horse racing can be an uphill task if fate takes its course. Therefore, lay betting comes as the best option where the punter assumes the role of a bookmaker to selling a bet instead of the usual odds of backing a bet. Betfair is an authority in the rarely available lay betting, which is a fair deal for the horse races. Let’s look at an example: if you bet that a particular horse will lose in an 8-horse race, there is a great possibility for that outcome especially if you have the necessary information about the horses. If your lay bet succeeds you retain the stakes for the backers of that real horse. Finding a loser is pretty easier, and losses are not very frequent, why not bet on like five losing horses? Well, the win is overwhelming, but the defeat is highly consequential. As a lay bettor, you will have to dig deep into your pocket to give the backers their dues. Generally, the more the horses that you wish a defeat, the better you need to prepare in monetary terms. Some sites also offer horse racing free bets for a beginner.  


Esports refers to types of games that are executed electronically, and these are video games. Esports rely on the human-computer interface whereas a participant you manipulate the movements of the animated icons. Examples of Esports games include Spacewar, StarCraft and WarCraft III. It is of the essence to study the video game to have clues on the chances of winning. Arbitrage betting is suitable for Esports where you bet for many outcomes of the same game. You can also make arbitrage bets with different bookmakers. You can have Esports on betting sites free bets no deposit. Bookmakers deduce the probabilities of occurrences on Esports such as video games and then offer poor odds. Your knowledge of the specific events will be of great help to make the numbers work for you then you bet big. The bookmakers are in business competing so there are always fairer odds you can pick for higher profits. Lay betting can help to win a game that is very much controlled by the bookie by countering all his possible occurrences.

Tips on What to Do Before Betting

We have laid out some tips and considerations below that may help you on your way.

Do Your Homework- knowledge is key

Ignorance is no excuse if you are a gambler or interested betting. A few tips on sports betting may help to get started or change your perspective as an experienced gambler. Your knowledge of various games including football, hockey, rugby, cricket and horse racing will give you an advantage as you align the outcomes with skills. You also need a clear understanding of the betting systems by various operators and rewards on multiple games. Small odds would be a good starting point and then observe a gradual growth in betting skills and new experiences in gaming. There are special offers to take advantage of in the market including horse racing free bets.

Money/Bankroll Management

Gambling is an addictive activity that can lure you to spend all your money. Once you begin betting the options are many, and the deal seems to get better to the extent of losing focus on other vital expenditures. To address this challenge, you should come up with a personal bankroll management. You can have a monthly, weekly or daily budget for betting to avoid getting carried away. A maximum of 10% of your income is reasonable; otherwise, you may be incapable of paying your monthly bills when you stake a lot of money and lose it. Secondly, be disciplined and self-control. The more you lose in a game, the more you are provoked to dig deeper into your pocket. Doing so ruins your tomorrow, and you can overcome this by contentment with the unfavourable outcome. You should stick to your set maximum amount and avoid withdrawing any more amount from your account to bet. The other trait to embrace is being selective. With very many gaming options in the market, you are tempted to attempt every offer, and this should not be the case. Remember there is tomorrow.

Understand Sports Betting Terminology

There are many terminologies in sports betting, and we will focus on some of the essential ones that you need to learn before enrolling in betting.
  • ATS (Against The Spread): refers to results in game accounts for point spread
  • Bookmaker/Bookie: the person who takes wagers on betting games
  • Chalk: the favourite participant in the sport such as a team, player, or horse
  • Chalk Player: an individual who bets only for the favoured teams
  • Circled Game: a game with restricted options or lowered limits as a result of injuries
  • Cover: to get the required number of points to beat the point spread
  • Dead heat: horses finishing in a tie
  • Dog Player: a bettor who prefers the underdog
  • Double bet: a wager two times the usual one
  • Edge: the bettor’s advantage after betting
  • Exposure: the maximum monetary value that a sportsbook ought to lose in a game
  • Figure: money that the bookmaker owes you or you owe
  • Hedging: to place wager on opposite sides to guarantee minimum wins or minimise loss
  • Juice: commission that the bookie earns
  • Limit: the largest amount a bookie will let you bet before he adjusts the odds or point
  • Longshot: player or team that is mostly expected to lose
  • Over/Under: a gamble in which the total points of both teams will be more or less than a specified number
  • Point spread: The headstart or handicap that the favourite gives the underdog for the sake of betting
  • Price: point spread or odds
  • Underdog: the weaker team that is most likely to win the game
  • Value: source the best odds/ wager offers in the market, and the highest edge
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