Free Bets Guide – What Are the Best Ways to Use Free Bets?

A free bet is typically a bonus or a gamble that the bettor lays down without having any stake. When betting online, a free bet is a supplementary sum of cash or credit on your account that is usually awarded to you when you place your first bet. They are mostly issued by bookmakers and gambling outlets either for marketing purposes or as a reward. The free bets are risk-free allowing the clients to place a bet up to a particular stake without any charges. There are various reasons why free bonuses are given such as first deposit bonuses, loyalty bonuses, and a new client reward. The gifts are mostly associated with games, online poker or sports betting. Remember that whether you decide to bet online or in person, each bonus will come with its conditions. Below are free bets guide that will enhance your betting.

Where to Find Free Bets?

Free bets are a common way for bookmakers to entice New Customers to signing up, we have compiled a brief selection below Welcome Offers that include free bets.

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What are the different types of free bets?

Stake Not Returned (SNR)

SNR is the most classic and known free bets format. They are usually given when you first register as a member to a bookmaker. Although sometimes is provided as one-off promotions. Typically, bookmakers refer SNR as ‘bet token”. Any winnings that you make on the free bonus is usually returned to your account, and the free stake is not re-credited.

Free Money (Stake Returned)

Free money is typically offered as a sign-up promotion. When first deposit some cash into your account, you are given extra money in your balance. Sometimes it is shown as” bonus balance.” Stake Refunds behaves like your first money in your betting account. However, you need to meet some requirements before withdrawing the money. For example, if you deposit £25 to the bookmaker, you are eligible for 100%bonus. But before you withdraw the money you will be required to meet the minimum rollover requirements.

Bet Refunds

These bookmakers free bets are sometimes given as a signup promotion but are frequently offered as free bets to existing clients. Bet refunds are provided when you place a bet with your cash and then your money re-credited in cash or bonus funds if you happen to lose.

What Are the Best Ways to Use Free Bets?

Matched betting

This is a method that is made to enable customers to take advantage of bonuses to make risk free profit. By searching carefully for suitable odds, it is possible to use a bookmaker or betting exchange to cover all the sides of the bet. By doing this, you will suffer a little loss on your qualifying bet but still get a bonus. Repeating the process with the bonus can enable you to get about 75% of the value of the gift. This is an excellent method for people who fear to take a risk and those who do not like gambling but just want to make a little profit from every bet. However, this technique does not work well for mobile betting. This is because of the speed which is vital, and sometimes you will be required to use spreadsheets to calculate bonuses.

Low odds qualifying bets and high odds free bets

If you place your bet on the lowest odds, then you have a substantial chance of winning and qualifying for a bonus. Even if you lose some of the bets, you will still be left with some free bets. This is usually a perfect way of reducing your losses but improving your chances of winning from a free bet. The free bets will have ups and down but ensure that you stay steady with few wins and occasional loss.

Matching the qualifying bet

This technique ensures that you will not lose a lot from qualifying bet and still get a chance to win from your free bet.

Use the free bets as a bonus

This procedure is quite simple. It means just treating your free bet as a bonus. Probably, this is a way that most individuals use their free bets and should give a profit at the end since you get so much advantage over the bookmaker. The only thing you need is to place as normal. If the free bet wins then, that’s good news, but if the free bet doesn’t win, then you have not lost at all. One disadvantage of this technique is that you might not remember to read terms and conditions and so you could entirely miss out the free bet. For instance, if you are not able to meet the minimum odds needed. Also, you might not win much if you put your free bet at low odds and then the stake never returned.

How to Successfully Place Your Free Bets

Before you place your free bet, it is essential to note that if you place your bet on an event, you might not be able to avail on further bonus for it. For instance, if there is an available money back special offer on athletics, then your free bets will not make it for the money back special. Some free bets can only be used for certain activities. Make sure that you have full access to the internet before proceeding. Then start by checking the details of your bonus to make sure that you can use it for a certain selection. Below are steps to follow when placing your free bet.

  • Log in to your account by tapping login in button online or on your mobile.
  • Find the sport that you like to bet on and then makes your selection.
  • All the details of your free bonuses will be shown on the Betslip. Just click or touch the ‘Use Free Bet’ or ‘Use Bet.’
  • If you have selected more than one sport in your slip, you will be asked where you want to place your free bet. Choose the option that you want and then click ‘I’m done.’ Note that if you do not press the ‘, I’m done’ button, you might not be able to place your free bet.
  • If you prefer an-each way bet, then tick the box where applicable. If you want to bet using your own money, enter your stake in the box. However, if you only want to use your bonus, you will not be needed to enter any funds in the stake box.
  • Click or touch the ‘Place Bet’ button.

Bottom line: When searching for any free bet offer, consider your personal gain or profit. If you like switching from one bookmaker to another, then you can benefit from free bets and bonus offered when opening new accounts. Also, if you prefer to have multiple wagers happening at the same time, then bookmakers that have free sports offers will benefit you. Whatever your style is, you will likely have a free bet. Ensure that you research on the current promotions to see the one that has the best offer.

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