E-sports also known as electronic sports, esports, competitive (video) gaming, professional, or pro gaming to name a few is growing increasingly popular not for players but for gamblers alike – $550 million bet in 2016. Most bets are placed on real-time strategy, fighting, first-person shooter (FPS), and multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA). Tournaments now exist providing live broadcasts of the competition, prize money to the player and betting markets for gamblers. The Professional era of e-sports is now upon us with prizes, sponsorship up for grabs! Forecasters have predicted that Esports will generate more than £1bn in global revenue and almost double its audience to nearly 600 million people by the year 2020, this amongst reports that the Olympic Committee is considering esports for future Olympic Games

E-sports the Prize/earnings figures

Awarded Prize Money – Top 3 games:
  1. Dota 2 – $127,988,170.45 in prize money to 2139 Players across 823 Tournaments
  2. League of Legends – $43,795,498.51 in prize money to 4994 Players across 1919 Tournaments
  3. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – $41,422,609.62 in prize money to 8512 Players across  2754 Tournaments
Top 3 Individual Tournament Prize Pools:
  1. BlizzCon 2016 (Hearthstone) $1,000,000.00
  2. CPL World Tour Finals 2005 $510,000.00
  3. Madden Championship 2017 $500,000.00
Reported Top 3 Highest Individual Earners:
  1. Kuro Takhasomi $3,412,188.35
  2. Amer Barqawi $2,992,476.48
  3. Saahil Arora $2,914,960.27

Betting Markets

With E-sports betting booming for gambling industry what can you expect to bet on? Well, the markets include:
  • Moneyline
  • Point Spread
  • Over/Under or Totals
  • combination bets
  • Handicap
  • Outright
It seems the future for sports/games and betting is here, sign up with a bookmaker now and pick an e-sport game.
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