Enhanced Odds for 19 July – Boost Your Winnings With the Hottest Enhanced Bets

Bookmakers frequently try to find a way of attracting the attention of punters. Most bookmakers decide time and time again to raise the value of the odds of a sporting event so that they can attract or motivate punters to bet and it often occurs in a given period of time. For instance, a firm may decide to boost or increase odds of an event from 2.5 to 3 for 10 minutes at a given time.

For this period punters can be guaranteed to earn more profit if the same event is offered for LAY at another betting firm for less odds or profit. However, even though the price boosts are short-term and offer excitingly increased odd, they have restrictions. For instance, there is a limit to the amount one can bet. Besides, enhanced odds new customers are meant for new customers. However, they still earn more profit on the same stake and therefore, they serve to be a good way of getting started for newbies.

What Are Enhanced Odds and How Do They Work?

As aforementioned, enhanced odds refer to odds that have been raised by bookmakers for the sake of attracting punters to bet on a particular sporting event. They are offered in a limited time frame and they involve a particular sporting event. These offers are also offered in big matches. It is also important to consider which one best suits a punter’s best value.

The enhanced offers punters an opportunity to earn more profit but they have to be aware of other firms’ odds on offer. This means that a punter needs to have accounts in more than one online betting site in order to reap the benefits of enhanced odds. The enhanced odds are often offered in those big sporting events such as rugby, golf, football and tennis just to mention a few. However, as it is expected, they are offered on the terms of the bookies i.e. when and on which event.

Even if enhanced odds seem to be for the benefit of the punters, there are terms and conditions that have to adhere to for every bookie. This may make the enhanced odds to be complex to be understood by punters. There is also a maximum stake that can be staked in the case of enhanced odds and these, again, depends on the bookies choice.

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What Are Price Boosts and How Do They Work?

Price boosts are offers that are only offered in specific and selected sporting events such as rugby matches, horse races, cricket, tennis matches or something like that. The price boosts may be on a long-term bet or one event.

Bookies often select a sporting event that will attract more punters and then gives them an offer that they will be attracted to take. The bookies choose a market where the price boosts will be offered, as relates to the available general market events.

For example, if team A were to face team B, then a firm can choose to boost on a player from one of the teams to score. Other bookmakers may offer for example 5/1, or 12/1 but the firm may offer a boosted price more than the other bookmakers if they want to have more punters placing more bets on their site.

Do Only Established Bookmakers Offer Enhanced Odds?

Having punters on your site registered to it and betting time and time again. Therefore, betting companies have devised ways of tapping punters and keeping them glued to their course. This has been through offers and promotions. Besides, various bookmakers have not left behind punters using the mobile platform and they have gone a step further to entice them with various mobile betting offers. However, in this case, we will discuss the enhanced odds or price boosts offered by various gambling companies or bookmakers. These firms include betfair, Sportingbet, 10bet, Betway and BetVictor.

FAQ's Regarding Enhanced Odds & Price Boosts

Bookmakers offer bettors opportunities to get enhanced odds or price boosts on selected events. Depending on the bookmaker involved the events may be singles or a few select multiples. The enhanced odds and price boosts are then paid in terms of cash or free bets and again this is only at the bookmaker’s discretion. Therefore, enhanced odds and price boosts cannot be used together with other promotions.
In-Play, betting involves on-going events. On the other hand, enhanced odds and price boosts are offered by bookmakers on selected events. These events are selected before they begin. Besides, even if in some bookmakers an enhanced bet may apply to an already placed bet, at no time enhanced odds and price boosts get to apply on in play events.
Enhanced odds and price boosts are offered in a limited time frame. Even though they may be available week in week out they are not available all the time to punters. Besides, the markets involved are selected. In some cases, if a listed bookmaker makes an error on prices, then the price is removed for this offer. In addition, coverage is determined by the offer provider. For instance, the offer will only apply to the given coverage if amendments are made by the bookmaker.
For bookmakers like Betfair, they offer enhanced odds having promotion codes, especially for football. With the price rush promotion code, punters increase their bet to higher odds on football events. This is in part due to the influence of Betfair Exchange. The promotion code for this is ZSK200. Besides, on Coral, one selects enhanced odds coupon offer in order to get the latest Coral offer. On the homepage, punters can also place their first bets of £/€ 1 which is an enhanced odds offer that is available on the ‘My Markets’ link on their site.
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