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Matched betting is a betting technique that is widely advertised to be risk-free. People can use a bet calculator or other forms of matched betting on their sports betting accounts to take advantage of free bets and incentives to profit from the bookmakers. The reason matched betting can be classed as risk-free is because it is worked out on a mathematical formula rather than leaving things to chance. Matched betting is 100% legal and a rise in demand for it has shown how popular it is with people who are used to online sports books and also newcomers as well. Although it may sound complicated, it is actually relatively simple, and you do not need any special requirements to take part. There are many tutorials online of how to do this, and there is also software available to help.

What Is Matched Betting and How Does It Work?

If you look through a Betting Glossary there will be a few terms to do with matched betting that you may not have come across, even if you are used to betting with sportsbooks. There are a few different ways to bet in this style, and all of them are still risk-free.

Back Bet

A back bet, in the most simple of terms is a bet on something to happen. Using the sports that are available as bets with a sports book as an example, you could bet that a horse will win a race, or a certain team will win a tournament or match. A back bet is the type of bet that you would usually place when you sign up to an online sportsbook or go to a bookmaker. This is the most regular style of bet and is the one that is the most well known in gambling. Matched betting will match this with an appropriate lay bet so that you do not risk losing money. Because you are using free bets from the bookmaker, there is no risk involved, as long as you are always using no deposit bets. Whatever one you win on, you will keep the winnings and this is exactly why you do not risk anything using this method.

Lay Bet

A lay bet is betting against an event happening. For example, you will bet on a specific horse or team losing in a sports betting environment. This works in a similar way that spread betting does with investments. You make the bet in exactly the same way that you would a back bet, but the opposite way around. You still get odds and place the bet as you would on a normal bet. When this is matched with the back bet, for the same bet amount, you cancel out the risk and break even – without any losses.

How Much Can I Earn With Matched Bets?

You may not think that you will be able to earn a lot with matched betting because you are using free bets. While this would seem like the truth – you can actually boost your income quite significantly using the matched betting method. There may be some bookmakers that ask you to make a qualifying bet before you are able to claim the free one. In a Betting Glossary, a qualifying bet would basically be a bet that covers the terms and conditions that the bookmaker ask you to adhere to before you are able to claim the free one. It is up to you if you wish to do this or not, but these types of accounts tend to have higher bonuses.

Doing this with one particular sportsbook or online bookmaker will not make you a large amount of money. The idea of matched betting is that you carry out this practice with a number of different bookmakers so that you are always able to get some profit. This also gives you the benefit of spreading the risk across loads of different variations of odds.

Positives of Matched Betting

Although the bookmakers themselves do not agree with the practice, there are plenty of positives to matched betting. It is up to you to decide if these positives outweigh the negatives, but because of the risk-free nature of matched betting, a lot of people feel that they do. Some of the positives of matched betting are:

  • It is risk-free. Because you are using bonuses and also you are constantly matching your bets up so that the back and the lay match and do not lose you anything.
  • You can turn a big profit depending on what bets win.
  • You can use it alongside betting normally quite well.
  • You can either do it manually or get a software to manage your bets.

Negatives of Matched Betting

Matched betting is risk-free, in theory. There are still a few negatives to matched betting that need to be confronted before you decide to take it up. If you are unfamiliar with online sports betting – it is a better idea to try normal betting first. Some of the negatives of matched betting are:

  • If you make a mistake between your back and lay bets, you will not complete the transaction on a risk-free basis.
  • You may have to make a deposit before you are eligible for a free bet.
  • It may be hard to keep track of all of your bets if you are going to do a lot.
  • You may eventually run out of online sportsbooks to take up bonus offers on. Especially if you are going to try and do it as a second income.

Is There Any Risk Using Matched Betting?

Matched betting is, if you are going to look at it basically, risk-free. There are however a lot of underlying issues that could cause you to lose money. Because you are making bets that match each other to break even the theory is that you will not lose money, but there are so many other factors that may result in you becoming financially impaired.

For example, a lot of the online sportsbooks have a wagering requirement or a deposit that you need to make to gain the bonus. Sometimes you can get away with just making the deposit to get the bonus, but then you have your money tied up in an online sportsbook and a number of different things could happen. There have been stories in the past of websites taking a lengthy amount of time to pay out withdrawals, and also if they go bankrupt then your money is more or less lost forever.

While these are extreme cases, it is still something you need to be mindful of. Another thing that can happen is that you can eventually run out of offers. This may tempt quite a lot of people to use sports books that are regulated abroad, which are far riskier than the ones that are regulated in the UK. So although there are no direct risks with the style of betting, there are still risks in the background.


There are a lot of articles online about matched betting, and most of them advertise them as risk-free, which is essentially correct for the actual betting method. Matched betting is never going to be something that is as solid as a proper income from a second job or doing work online. A lot of online sportsbooks will have offers that help you to get started, but the rule of mathematics says that these will eventually dry out. The best way to use matched betting is to do it in your spare time and see it as a small revenue stream that can get you a little bit of extra income. Avoid investing into sports books that require you to make a huge deposit for the bonus, and try to seek out ones that let you have a no deposit bonus for both of your matched bets.

If you know a little bit about betting online, then this is something that is well worth giving a try. If you do not, it will not take you a long time to educate yourself and as long as you are careful you will be able to easily earn yourself some money. Try to look at a Betting Glossary before you start to make yourself aware of terms like ‘wagering requirement’ etc.

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