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Rugby is one of the most popular professional sports in the UK and attracts sports fans on terrestrial and pay TV channels. It is also a popular sport for rugby betting and rugby odds are available on all the leading bookmakers' sportsbooks. Rugby has two governing bodies, Union and League, which are referred to as ‘codes’. Over a hundred years ago the game was governed solely by the Rugby Football Union, however, the clubs from the North wanted to compensate players to play as they would lose pay if they took time off work. The clubs from the North formed their own governing body, the Northern Football Rugby Union, and subsequently began to adapt the laws to suit their own view. The Northern code became known as Rugby League and has less players; thirteen a side, no line-outs and restarts the game by back-heeling as oppose to a scrum.

What Markets Are Available for Rugby?

All the top bookmakers carry a sports offering for Rugby, which is split into Rugby League and Rugby Union. Most offer a good selection of pre-event and in play options. Some sites, in addition, will offer live streaming of games. Like most sports, there is a fair amount of competition for business so if you look around you can find different markets and better odds with some bookmakers. The available markets and bets on offer can alter depending on the competition and the stage of the competition. All of the sites will offer promotions and special offers, depending on the competitions and tournaments running at a given time. You can find markets available for outright winners of all the major competitions such as the Aviva Premiership in Rugby Union and the Super League in Rugby League. Furthermore, the outright markets are available for both club and International competitions. Currently running are markets comprising of match betting odds, try scorer, full-time winner, handicap, stats betting (winning margins), type of score, total points and handicap options.

Match Betting

Sometimes referred to as win betting, full-time betting or outcome prediction over 80 minutes of play. (Eighty minutes being the duration of a match). You can choose a team to win lose or draw at the given odds. The odds are tailored to suit the chances of one of the teams winning the match. You will find the odds on a draw are high as you do not tend to get too many draws in Rugby.

Half Markets

Half betting, as it suggests is concerned with each half of the full game. There are various options available for example, half-time full-time outcome, win, lose or draw by half. Further, you may bet on the number of points scored by half.


There are two types of handicap offerings; handicap and handicap (no ties). It is a useful market in Rugby as sometimes teams can play each other who are not well matched. As such the odds on a dominant team winning will be very poor. Handicap betting means that the dominant team will be given a points handicap of say minus 12. In this way, the odds on the team winning are improved. The handicap (not ties) is essentially the same system albeit in the event of a draw the bet is void and the stake is returned to the customer.

Points Scoring

Points scoring is popular in Rugby as a lot of points are scored and there are four different ways of scoring points; tries, drop goals, penalty kicks and conversions. This gives you a myriad of opportunities to bet on points totals of all four ways of scoring points. You could bet on the number of tries scored, the margin of victory and the range of total points scored. Further, there are bets available the number of tries scored consecutively without reply by the opposition. Also, you can bet on the number of penalties awarded and the % of those scored or a number of dropkick goals or conversions awarded and scored.

Winning Margins

A bet on how many points a team will win by. The bet is made by predicting by how many points more than the opposition will win by. The additional points are listed between thresholds, for example, you may choose a winning margin of between 15 and 25 points.


Again a really popular market. Options are plentiful in this category. You can bet on the first and last try scorer, number of ties, team to score the first try and team to score the last try. Further, you can find options to bet on the total number of tries scored by each team.

At What Bookie Can the Best Odds For Rugby be Found?

Different bookmakers offer different odds on matches and tournaments. As a general rule, there are those providers who are well known for offering and beating best odds. Other providers tend to use promotions and offers to give away their very best odds. At the time of writing and using ‘oddspedia’ site we can see all the best providers listed and compared for a Rugby League event. It is simple to review the table and select those companies offering favourable odds. Comparing the same team to win we can see odds offered by the following companies as; Bet 365: 4/11, BetVictor: 4/11, William Hill: 1/3 Ladbrokes: 1/3, Betway: 4/11. We can see that the odds offered are fairly even across the board and often duplicated by providers. See Our Betting Offers

Who is the best bookmaker for Rugby and Why?

There is no shortage of choice when looking for bookmakers for Rugby betting. All the major providers offer comprehensive Rugby Union and League offerings. So what is it worth considering when looking for the ‘best bookmaker’. Well, we want to be using a secure site that is easy to navigate, that has a full and comprehensive range of markets and betting options. Ideally we want some data access, a good payout threshold and of course we want the best odds. If we are looking for comprehensive bet options, Offers and markets then Betfred is good. It also offers live streaming and has a strong offering on both Rugby Union and Rugby League. Looking at odds and using an odds checker, we can see that Sky bet is consistent at offering best odds, the site is easy to navigate, information is easy to find and the markets available are in line with competitors. Therefore on balance, we would recommend Sky bet as ‘best bookmaker’ for both Rugby codes at present. Recommended Bookie

What do I need to know before placing a bet on Rugby?

The basic and fundamental things to find out prior to placing a bet are the rules of the bet, what denotes a pay-out and if you are a winner what limitations are there on the pay-out. The rules governing payouts will be listed in the terms and conditions and can be found on the appropriate website. For example, Sky bet lists all the sports in their onsite terms and conditions and both Rugby Union and Rugby League are listed with a maximum of £250k payout. All the providers have different levels depending on the sport and the market. Not all the providers will have the same thresholds so do not assume they are all the same. If you cannot find the information on the website in the terms and conditions then use the customer services chat function or pick up the phone and ask a representative.

Special Offers

All the sites carry special offers which will be promotional offers based on current events or competitions. Some of the offers are for current customers others will be to entice new customers to take advantage of a free bet or an enticement to join the betting company. Often you will find that special offers are offering the best odds on a particular event so it is good to look around to see what is available with the different providers.


There are sites available with statistics on the club and international teams. Some information is available on the betting sites such as William Hill and they carry information in data centres with historic results and detail about performances. You will also find sports sites that carry statistics on performance and play for various teams. They will give you tips on what to look for and what to consider. ‘Bet HQ’ has a section on Rugby and give tips on what you should look out for. For example, Rugby is an extremely physical sport and as such the teams have large squads and player selection is rotated. It is important that you know if the team has been weakened by rotation, a missing key player or less strength in the squad.


Sports betting has long attracted various techniques, strategies and systems, employed by people wishing to maximise their winning potential. By far the most talked about with a huge online presence are using a matched betting accumulator with techniques that claim to enhance your chances of making consistent profit from sports betting. Matched is a system of using the many free bets offered by bookmakers to make an initial bet and then ‘laying off’ that bet with an alternative outcome in order to cover the initial bet. You then use the profit from that bet to place another bet using a free bet and continue in that time-consuming element is researching and finding the free bets. There are systems available, software systems, that will guide you as to the bets to take to make the process a little less time intensive. Use an odds comparison system to find the best odds for your events this will give you peace of mind that your favoured provider is competitive or give you the opportunity to use an alternative bookmaker.  
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